Didomenico Studio

Swoon Art House

A transformative art space where expansive art pieces/installations are imagined and created. The residence is part of The Swoon/BMoCA International Artists Residency, a collaborative that provides international artists with the residence/studio space,


Current Event

Rebecca will be participating in the Open Studios Tour, a free self-guided tour that invites the public into 100+ artist studios in and around the


My work is concerned with the sacred collision and interpenetration of various forms of divinity: nature, mythology, psychology and metaphysics. I am interested in the fundamental mystery embedded within the practice of storytelling, in drawing connections between seemingly disparate objects and elucidating relationships between similar materials.

Within unexpected relationships, a commonality exists between Dr. Seuss and the Dalai Lama, a spider web mimics a wheel, and a resemblance between patterns in the constellations of the stars and the minute particles inside the human body is revealed:

A cave, an egg, a curtain, a veil are all entry points into the theater of life, a story that plays out in ways both full of terror and of beauty.

The mind revels in separation, putting ideas into categories, trying to make sense of the world, while the spirit employs the senses and the body to illuminate all things as one. The microcosm and the macrocosm curiously coincide, reinventing and dissolving the boundaries created by the human psyche, alchemically transmuting the “known” into the wonder which resides within all possibility.