Didomenico Studio

Out of This World (And Into The Next), 1987

Synethesia is defined by Webster as a concomitant sensation, a sensation produced in one part of the body by stimulating another part. And, if that doesn’t get your imagination going, it also happens to provide the conceptual umbrella for the exhibition. Out of This World and Into the Next, scheduled for both BVCA galleries, July 31 through September 6. 

This rather large and complex array of works promises to be compelling to the senses of hearing, touching, seeing, tasting and of smelling. Out of This World is curated by Rebecca DiDomenico, who also contributes to this exhibition with a musical environment. The other artists shown in this exhibition are: Ron Fletcher, paintings: Ron Garrison, balloon installation: Jim Green, audio installation: Sherry Hart, cave with beaded objects; Ria Moran, sculptures; Tara Parr, sculptures; George Peters, aerial installation; Jean Cason Roller, cigar box worlds; and Marietta Sisca, edible masterpieces. All of this might lead one to believe the BCVA will be transformed into a three-ring experimental extravaganza. And in that regard, we are asked not to think otherwise.

However, as perceptually challenging as this exhibition might be, it is interesting to note that, for the most part, the artists in this show are not mainstream let’s-make-art-folks. DiDomenico has been extremely selective in curating this show. These artists are as talented and unique as they are consummately skilled in their crafts. Local artists, they have all shown their work throughout Colorado. Some of these artists have also been the recipients of prestigious national awards, and most have growing national reputations. Most notably, the creative work of George Peters, Shery Hart, Jim Green and Ron Garrison typify the first-rate quality and substance of the exhibition.

George Peters studied art in Southern California and has shown extensively in Hawaii and throughout the United States. He has received numerous juror’s awards, has been invited to show under the sponsorship of the Smithsonian Institute, is the recipient of the Colorado Council Fellowship Award and was most recently co-featured with Garrison Roots in Westword’s Best Exhibition.

Sherry Hart has also studied art in California and has since participated in numerous juried and invitational exhibitions. Her most recent honors include first prize in the Berkeley Art Center national juried exhibition, and first prize in the International juried exhibition at Alexandria, LA, juried by Henry Hopkins.

Perhaps the artist who has the most fun with his work is Ron Garrison. He is another California expatriate, and doesn’t exhibit his work in galleries and museums. Instead his balloon installation magic is typically performed for private groups such as the New Year’s Eve party for Kenny and Eva Loggins, the Santa Barbara Cookie Company, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art’s 40th Birthday party, the Gorilla Ball at the Holiday Inn, a wrap party for Al Pacino, the Santa Barbara Cancer Foundation, the Denver Symphony Orchestra, and the roof of the Denver Art Museum.

Boulder’s sound artist, Jim Green, has an MFA degree in sculpture from CU. Although he is best known for his Laughing Zones, he has done several other sound pieces that capture the imagination in very delightful ways. Aside from the many installations throughout the Front Range, Green has had his work heard at the Denver Art Museum, the Franklin Furnace in New York City and on National Public Radio.

The irony involved with all of these local artists is not the shared kindred spirit of friendship and individuality, but that they have never been shown together in this context.

Out of This World (And Into The Next) highlights the summer series of exhibitions and for many good reasons should not be missed. The BCVA is extremely grateful to DiDomenico’s dedication in bringing this exhibition together. The BCVA encourages other groups or individual artists to submit exhibition proposals for review.
-Ken Iwamasa