Didomenico Studio

Rally Around the Flag, 2016

Maps are flat renderings of 3Dimensional landscapes. They delineate countries, continents, states and bodies of water. They separate and unite simultaneously. We live in times where wars are fought between countries, over borders and land, and yet we are all interconnected on our singular planet spinning in space. The world we inhabit is rendered in “Emanate” as ephemeral networks with intricate interconnections, similar to the veins inside our bodies. Some paths we traverse are intentional and some are misadventures or unintended. But all become part of our destinies, the forks we choose and those we leave behind. We live in the gaps, in the interzones. Here I have re-drawn the territories. I have cut through layers of code to rearrange geography. Geographic borders are seemingly arbitrary delineations. While the idea of land ownership is rooted in history, to many cultures it is an exclusionary practice leaving out indigenous peoples as well as other living creatures. The journeys move between experience and imagination, where the personal quest is perfectly crafted for each individual and also part of a greater universal migration. 

In this iteration of emanate I will install the maps in the geometric patterns present in flags of the world. While this piece is not literally a flag, it would be a great thematic compliment to the idea of utilizing visual symbols to represent countries.

Rebecca DiDomenico | 2015