Didomenico Studio


Magic Grip, 1998

Rebecca DiDomenico works from the inside out, abstracting observations – the subtle bend of a twig, the elegance of a frozen kingfisher, or the mathematically precise patterns on a expired tomatilla pod – into drawing and sculpture. In DiDomenico’s Magic Grip these interests are realized, in part, through manifestation of spirals and worm holes, time …

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π & Other Forms of Transparency, 1999

π : The 16th letter in the Greek alphabetThe transcendental number 3.14159 representing the ratio of thecircumference to the diameter of a circle and appearing as a constant in a wide range of mathematical problems. InfinityInfinite: Having no boundaries or limitsImmeasurable, unlimited, existing beyondNo known beginning and no endTranslucent: To shine throughExperiment: ‘Experiri’ – to …

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Six/Six, 2001

Six/Six, which is now on display at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, manages to rein itself in without stifling any of its disparate and sometimes ethereal parts. Those parts—provided by regional artists Rokko Aoyama, Rebecca DiDomenico, Lorre Hoffman, Scott Massey, Victoria Perez and Janet Williams—consist of either self-contained solo shows or single …

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Archipelago, 2002

Archipelago: an Intimate Immensity is a collaborative multimedia installation that raises questions of scale, intimacy, and territoriality. The primary tools of the exhibition are common domestic materials used by artists to describe geological forms that evoke landscape and interior topographies. This hybrid installation crosses boundaries between sculpture and painting. Originally conceived in Amsterdam at Arti …

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Shapeshifter, 2006

Shapeshifters abound. They populate our stories. Humans and animals alike share forms such as, Medusa and the Harpy from Greek mythology, the Elephant God, Ganesh and the Monkey God, Hanuman from India, as well as Spiderman, Vampires, Werewolves and Playboy Bunnies from the western world. Animals co join with other animals becoming creatures such as …

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Decades of Influence, 2006

In 2006 MCA DENVER undertook its most ambitious initiative to date presenting the first survey of contemporary Colorado art, Decades of Influences: Colorado Art 1985 to Present. Unpacking decades of artistic production this curatorial challenge required installations across four venues—MCA DENVER Sakura Square, Metro Center for the Visual Art of Metropolitan State University of Denver, The …

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